20 Questions 2.0 in today’s United States History Classrooms

At Google 20 Summit I heard of this amazing idea that was sweeping the country. We all have heard about being able to connect via skype with classrooms across the world, but what do you say? What are you going to talk about? What about playing a game?  Classrooms are playing 20 questions with each other from across the country on skype and google hangout. What is the question you ask? Well they are trying to guess what state you’re from!
This sounds like a blast no matter your age group. TechNinjaTodd told me the idea at his keynote speech at the Google 20 Summit. Todd suggest you make sure you try to hide your accent! Don’t say things like ya’ll it gives Texas away every time!! Also be sure to hide your state flag! Check out more about Mystery Skypes on Skypes website. Skype gives you the tools to connect with other teachers who would like to play a game of mystery skype!