What can your kids learn in an hour? Let students be in power of their own learning environment for an hour and see what happens! Give students and Hour to research any topic’s they want. Then after the hour they have to present their findings to the class. Maybe they use Movenote to present their presentation?  Todd Nesloney introduced me to the idea at the Google 20 Summit. But I was able to take this idea and just run with it! There are so many possibilities!  

As a Education Technology Graduate student at American College of Education I’m currently taking a research class that’s exploring how students and adults use the internet in search of knowledge and truth.  I recommend that you take advantage of Google’s Search Education blog. Its full of lesson plans and activities all ready to go! I’m a big fan of a google a day challenges its like twenty questions but your students can Google for the answer!  Use these challenges to get your students brushed up on their searching skills. Use the opportunity to teach students how to vet (review)  internet materials for facts.

You can narrow down students focus to a particular subject.  What would you like to learn in math? science? history? Art? or just about anything. Students should create a question that guides their work. Then teachers could approve or deny the question. Be careful of questions that are way too broad or narrow. But then again if a student is passionate why not let them go with it!

Do your students need some inspiration? When researching I searched twitter for #geniushour to see a ton of great examples.

I would love to hear about genius hour in your classroom!

Genius hour, letting students be in control