Would you let it? Where would it go? At the google 20 summit I learned just that, how to create a 3d colored image. Using a 3D augmented reality app by Colars. The image turns 3D right inside your phone or device. Using Colars color worksheets, and students can take the worksheet complete it. Then threw the lense of your device view it in a 3d format! Now thats a high definition colorining!

Todd Lesonly  told us about one activity he has done with his students. Imagine handing out the color worksheets to students and having them color them in. Then asking them to write a short story about the character in the picture. Then allow students to view the coloring page threw the c3 argumentative reality lence with and ipad or cell phone. I can hear the “oooo” and “ahhhhs” from here! Then ask students to edit their original story to include any changes they would like to make to the story!

This app is Free and can be download for both apple and android devices!

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