Last year while taking working towards my masters, I took a class called Technology professional development. It’s been my favorite class through the whole program so far.  I was required to create 5 goals working towards growth in Technology Professional Development skills.
Recently I was able to work towards my goal of presenting at a conference. Although my goal specifically stated I wanted to submit a proposal for TCEA. So be sure to come see me in February! I wanted to be able to get in some practice. So I jumped on the chance to co present with one of my mentors Susan F Reeves of Region 20’s Mega Conference in San Antonio Texas. Our session was Broadcasting: Changing a School’s Culture. We examined how we created a broadcasting program for our elementary and middle school.  It went great and I can’t wait to show off our presentation to you in February at TCEA on Tuesday at 10:30.
Susan, Keynote Speaker Carl Hooker & I