Recently I was given the opportunity to create a 1/2 a day professional development day of training for Poteet Junior High. I nominated 4 different teachers to create a training on a skill or tool that they have successfully used in their own classrooms.

My Goals for the training was:

  • Maximize Teachers Time
  • Spotlight the great Technology skills used in classrooms currently
  • Use technology that was currently being underutilized
The training went very well and teachers felt like they learned valuable new skills. The best part of this training was empowering teachers to become technology leaders for their campus. One teacher presenter started the presentation by saying :

” I’m not sure why they picked me to teach  ya’ll how to use technology because I’m horrible at technology, But I can do this So I Know you can do this! “

This teacher taught us how to use the All in learning clicker system. Our school received them at the end of the last school year. Most teachers had not received any training on how to use the clicker system. After this training session over half of the campus’s teachers had successfully used the clicker system within two weeks!
The training also created a increase in teacher engagement with the technology department and involving them in  lesson development and design.