Sergio Pena, a Pre-Kindergarten teacher from Morrill Elementary, uses technology to enhance his classroom instruction daily. He uses a Mimio Pad, an iPad, and his projector to engage students in learning through the use of interactive technology-rich lessons. In addition, he serves as the main contact for technology support on his campus, assisting staff with updating their websites and troubleshooting local technology issues. Todd Voges, Principal at Morrill, said that Pena has been an “invaluable asset to the campus”. Although it is clear the effect Pena has had on the staff, communicating with parents is where his knowledge of technology has made a major impact.

Pena has created a Google Site, which he updates weekly with videos, pictures, and student work. This site allows parents to get a glimpse into their child’s day to day learning experiences. Pena said that technology has been vital for communicating with parents, for whom this is their child’s first time in a formal classroom setting. Using his Google Site and Remind, he keeps parents updated on the day’s events. He said, “using technology has allowed me to create a consistent stream of communication and complete transparency with the parents. As I teach 3-4 year olds, the parents (especially in the beginning!) are very anxious to see what their children are doing and learning. By using Google Sites, it has not only allowed me to create a weekly updated communication venue, but also allow me to upload pictures of the students actually doing and learning. Many parents have really enjoyed that aspect of the page.”