Meet Mrs. Sadona Woody the librarian at STEM Early College High School. Mrs. Woody is known for a big smile and going above and beyond for her students and the teachers she serves.    

What technology do you use in the library and at STEM Early College High School?
Here at STEM, we are very fortunate to have access to latest technology.  Each classroom incorporates a Promethean board to engage and enhance the learning process for the student.  Students are presented with a laptop to assist in new ways to assimilate information and demonstrate learning.  The STEM ECHS library has over 1,000 hardcover books, 2,500 eBooks, 220 digital audio books, a Promethean Board, desktop computers, printers, and collaboration rooms equipped with large display screens for group work.  

What impact has it had on your teaching and students?
From day one, technology has been integrated into my classroom and library.  Integrating technology provides learners with access to resources above and beyond the classroom environment. Students have the ability to listen to historic speeches and view events from the past.  I have always been enthusiastic about technology and the impact it is playing in our students’ lives.  

What advice do you have for other teachers?

Technology can sometimes be intimidating, but there are people at every campus to assist in the integration of these resources into your classroom.  Start by asking your librarian for available resources.