Each of Harlandale’s 13 elementary campuses received 64 iPads, a cow with built-in Wi-Fi access, and a plethora of literacy-based apps through the Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) grant. The iPads are housed at each campus library and can be used checked-out for 1st-5th-grade teachers to be used for delivering ELA/R lessons. The iPads were purchased to allow students to participate in project-based activities (PBL), as well as allow them to interact with reading materials in multiple formats.

Launching Project Literacy at HISD

On Saturday, April 16th twenty-four 1st-5th grade ELA/R teachers braved the storms to learn about iPad Apps available through the IAL grant. There were two sessions each which were tailored to meet the technical skill level and abilities of the participants. They learned about Digital Storytelling using Story Wheel & Puppet Pals apps, and learned about Reading & Language Development through Word Match, Lingo Zoo, and TTT. I was the Lead Instructional Technology facilitator who designed an implemented this event. I focused on creating two tracks, the Tortious and the Haire.

The Showcased Apps

Digital Storytelling: Little Story Maker, Story Wheel, Puppet Pals, Story Builder

Vocabulary Development: Anagram Academy, ABC Spanish Reading Magic, Word Challenge, Vocabulary Spelling City, Word Match, Amazing Match

Foreign Language Development:
Lingo Zoo, TTT – Learn New Language, Flash Cards Spanish, ABC Spanish Reading Magic, Amazing Match, Kids Spanish ABC Alphabet Book
Phonics/ Spelling: Simplex Spelling Phonics, Little Stars, Opposites, Sense of Spelling
Grammar/ Punctuation: Grammar Quiz Free, Sentence Builder, Sentence Builder Espanol, Spanish Sentence Builder
Reading Comprehension: Inference Ace: Reading Comprehension

 What Teachers thought about the training

“ I  Love the StoryWheel app! It’s very easy to integrate into the classroom as a center.”
“How to be creative and interactive with the iPads to promote student success.”
“I enjoyed learning about the different apps. Now, I know what I can have the students doing (as far as technology) instead of relying on BrainPop! for everything!!!
“I learned a lot of ways to add more technology into my classroom and make it more meaningful.

To learn more about Project Literacy

Please visit our Project Literacy: Learn, Love, Live! Website to learn more about these apps and ways to integrate them into your daily instruction. Please contact your campus Instructional Technology Facilitator for support in integrating iPads into your classroom, developing lessons using these apps, or developing a blended learning environment using these iPads.