I love a good problem to solve!

So when I was challenged by Principal Ms. DeVeda E. Coley to help her make her life easier by creating a Leave Early Request using Google Forms that she could “approve”, I was intrigued.

Google Forms itself is very dynamic and allows you to gather all kinds of data. But Information always seems to be documented and collected, and that was it.

I had created an awesome Google Form early this year that allows my Admin team to complete a walkthrough and instantly send teachers a PDF. But this felt even more complicated and I wasn’t sure how to pull this off.

Little did I know, I was so very wrong! After doing a little research, I came upon Google Forms Approval Add On created by Robert Gagliano.

Using Google Forms Approvals add-on for Google Forms, you can now create forms, that streamline the approval process! How exciting is this!


If you are new to Google Forms, make sure to grab enroll in the Free course The Admin’s Guide to Google Forms. Plus it includes copies of all my Form Templates! 


Let me walk you through the process

Create a Google form that focuses on allowing an action that needs an approval. For example a Leaving Early Request, Professional Development Request or even a check out system.

The next step is to configure the add-on. To set up the approval process, enter the email address of the person who would make the decisions.

The last step is to configure the settings and customize the email that will be sent to both parties. Once the request is sent, it sends an email to the approver. Then they can quickly approve, decline or add a comment.

Mr. Gagliano of Form Approvals is currently working on additional settings that are currently under testing. These additional features such allowing approvers to edit responses and to create a record of approvals in a spreadsheet is going to just add to the use of this dynamic workflow.


This post is republished with permission from GooLeadership.com